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Frödinflies Leather Fly Wallet

995,00 kr
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You find our SALAR Supreme fly wallets in fishing vests, slings, jackets and waders all over the world. So many of us have experienced the advantages of keeping flies in fly wallets. Here our exclusive “Make em’ swim” embossed leather fly wallets. Wallets that will last a lifetime and with age will mature like a good malt whiskey. The Wallets come in two sizes, small and medium. Each of the leather wallets contains two of our SALAR SUPREME five pocket wallets attached with velcro. Both inner sides are padded with foam to carry single and double hooked flies or tube hooks. The advantages are the same as with the original, well protective, displays the flies, keeping hundreds of flies and hooks for you on the river. 10 pockets of which two are ventilated for used flies