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Frödinflies Salar Colour Control Backing

490,00 kr
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Quite a few years back Mikael came up with the idea to produce a multicoloured backing that would make it possible to know how much line leaves your reel during the fight. Multi coloured backing is now available from several suppliers. Our SALAR Multicoloured Backing is different - it gives you even more control!
We have chosen to have our backing change colour only five times on each spool. One colour will not come back to confuse you on how much line has left the reel. The five colour concept gives you more control to fight even the biggest fish the safest way.
We give you three different backings to match not only our SALAR Reel Series, but any salmon, seatrout or saltwater set up possible.

Fl. Green colour – Ok, all in control.
Fl. Yellow – some line out good run.
Fl. Dark yellow – Half is gone time to move!
Fl. Orange – Follow fast now!!
Fl. Hot pink – Crises soon to be spooled!!!