Rio Kahuna LT Strike Indicator Thin 0.095"


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Rio Kahuna LT Strike Indicator

The Rio Kahuna LT Strike Indicator is extremely simple, but equally brilliant! In fact, this indicator is made from a piece of high floating fly line with a removed core, which creates an empty tunnel in the centre. Therefore, the required length of indicator can be thread onto the tapered leader. And, its position can be adjusted according to the situation by sliding it to the desired spot where it will grip and stay in place due to a very small inner diameter without damaging the leader!

Further, the Kahuna LT Strike Indicator will easily slide thru the guides and it is very easy to cast due to its aerodynamic shape. Rio recommends the thin version (outer diameter: 2,4 mm) of this indicator for calm water and smaller flies, and the thicker version (outer diameter: 3,1 mm) for rougher water and low light conditions.

Tip: Colouring these indicators with a waterproof permanent marker will create a strong contrast for outstanding visibility! Cut down to length individually. 


  • Highly sensitive strike indicator made from a piece of high floating fly line
  • Enables delicate presentations without disturbing splashing
  • Suitable for all common tapered leaders
  • Very small inner diameter for superb grip on the leader
  • Easily slides thru the guides and causes absolutely no damage to the leader
  • Comes with wire threader
  • Three colours per pack: orange, chartreuse und white (30 cm each)

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